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Improve Profits, Become Competitive
Air Audit helps you identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and overall business costs.

If your business is a user of compressed air, an Air Audit is step to make a substantial impact on your production costs. It can make a profound impact on your business, not just once, but year after year.

An Air Audit can identify inefficiencies in your compressed air system and assist with entire system performance optimization, leak reduction and practical air management processes.
We help customers reduce power consumption and also reduce compressed air system load and wear and tear. This prolongs life of entire compressed air system.

Air Audit helps you to:

  • Waste less air
  • Produce less air
  • Reduce compressed air system load
  • Identify leaking machines and help restore the production plant to peak efficiency
  • Save money
  • Reduces compressed air use per unit of production by more than 30%

The bigger compressed air user, the greater your savings.

Why Audit
Air Audit is an accurate process undertaken to identify areas of loss or inefficiencies within a compressed air system.

Air Audit is performed by trained audit engineers with experience in identifying and rectifying compressed air system faults and inefficiencies...
Air Audit process can deliver energy savings of 30% and greater. Savings are usually achieved by system performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes.

Our detailed demand side audit and analysis can achieve savings of up to 50%...
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