Compressed Air Cost Control

AirAudit Helps

  • Waste Less Air / Energy
  • Reduce Compressed Air System Load
  • Identify Leaking Machines
  • Restore Production Plant to Peak Efficiency
  • Reduce Cost of Compressed Air Use Per Unit by Up To 30%


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AirAudit Helps to Keep Compressed Air Lines Dry

Which of these is Biggest Problem with your Compressed Air System ?

Keep Compressed Air Lines Dry

  1. Don’t know – 6 %
  2. Frequent Fouling of Filters – 1%
  3. Inadequate Pressure in whole System – 3 %
  4. Excess Oil in Compressed Air System – 5 %
  5. Inadequate Pressure at Points in the System – 21 %
  6. Excess Moisture in Compressed Air System – 23 %
  7. No Problem Report – 40 %


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See Latest in Energy Saving Techniques at 14th International Textile & Garment Machinery Show (Textile Asia 2015), 28 – 30 March, 2015

AirAudit to Display at Textile Asia 2015

Karachi, 25th March 25, 2015 – AirAudit will display latest and most advanced energy saving techniques at the famous 14th International Textile & Garment Machinery Show (Textile Asia 2015). Air Audit helps to identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption and overall business costs.

Air Audit can identify inefficiencies in compressed air system and assist with entire system performance optimization, leak reduction and practical air management processes. It helps customers reduce power consumption and also reduce compressed air system load and wear and tear. This prolongs life of entire compressed air system.

Air Audit helps to:

  • Waste less air
  • Produce less air
  • Reduce compressed air system load
  • Identify leaking machines and help restore the production plant to peak efficiency
  • Save money
  • Reduces compressed air use per unit of production by more than 30%

AirAudit slogan is “Bigger the Compressed Air User, Greater the Savings”.

AirAudit services will be displayed at stand number D-182, hall 4 at Expo Center, Karachi, Pakistan from 28 – 30 March, 2015.

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