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Imtiaz Rastgar

If you’re a shop owner, chances are you perform regular maintenance on the
tools and equipment you use in the shop. Helping customers get the job done and
done right every time is a goal of AirAudit. Whether you have a large business and your long-term goals are to decrease operating costs, reduce risk and
minimize energy consumption, or you just want to reduce your carbon footprint,
AirAudit has a service to match your needs.

This editorial on AirAudit is focused on the “AirAudit in Compressed Air
System”as compressed air system is not static but is a dynamic system, the
need and requirements keep changing or fluctuating. In this context, reducing
the operating cost has become essential and there is a potential of reducing
energy cost in compressed air by 10- 50% in most of the industries, including

AirAudit can support any textile industries interested in reducing their energy costs in compressed air by conducting a compressed air Audit. Last, but not the least, “Air is free but compressed air is not.”

  • Sustained health of the system requires
  •  Periodic Inspection.
  • Determining Compressed Air demand.
  • Level of air quality.
  • Supply, storage, distribution management.
  • Layout and installation consideration.
  • Ventilation.

Services includes

  • Leakage Detection.
  • Flow Measurement.
  • Compressor’s Efficiency Tests.
  • Layout Designing.
  • Compressed Air System Evaluation.
  • Data Logging.

According to Rastgar and Co: “The core of our business is our audit team,
which performs in-depth analysis on complete compressed air systems. Our auditors stay at the forefront of compressed air technology and have the experience and knowledge needed to help you best manage your compressed air system.”

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